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Welcome to our website!  We are the Key Deer Protection Alliance.  We're here to tell you about the Key deer, a very special endangered species unique to the Florida Keys, and how they (hopefully) are being saved from extinction... if their habitat doesn't keep disappearing.  As our name says, we are a group of citizens dedicated to protecting these endearing creatures, as extinction of any species bodes ill for our own survival.  

Please look around our website by clicking on the subjects on the menu to your left.  Enjoy learning about the Key deer and their existence on these islands, the threats they face, and about our organization and how we're helping to ensure survival of the Key deer.  And please consider joining KDPA.

KDPA Participates in Key Deer Workshops

The public meeting for the Key Deer Management Worshops was held on Monday June 9th at 7:00 PM at the Baptist Church and Tuesday, June 10th at 1:00 at the Refuge Headquarters on Watson Blvd. Dr. Duane Diefenbach and Tyler Wagner, the project leaders, of Pennsylvania Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, Pennsylvania State University each made a presentation giving an overview of the final report. Nancy Finley, Project Manager for the National Key Deer Refuge also spoke and expressed her desire to work with members of the public. There was opportunity for questions and answers after the presentations.

The first step in structured decision making (SDM) is to define the problem. The problem was defined by the stakeholder group as follows. "As recovery and removal from the Endangered Species list is the purpose of the Endangered Species Act, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service needs a management approach that will ensure a sustainable, viable, and health Key deer population. Urbanization has affected the behavior and population dynamics of the Key deer and the amount and characteristics of available habitat. The identified management approach must balance relevant social and economic concerns, Federal (e.g., Endangered Species Act, Wilderness Act, Refuge Act) and state regulations, and the conservation of biodiversity (e.g. Endangered/Threatened species, native habitat) in the Lower Keys." The stakeholder group met five full days over the course of an eight-week period to identify objectives that would address the problem as stated above. Please see the final report for the results at:

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KDPA has endorsed an effort by the Florida Land and Water Legacy to pass a constitutional amendment. Check the NEWS & HAPPENINGS page for more info and the petition.

Meetings start at 7:00 PM  
(Second Thursday of the months of Oct, Nov, Jan, Mar, Apr)

Election of Board of Directors at the November meeting


KDPA will celebrate 25 years this year!!!

Click here for some photos from the April 9 (2009) meeting and 20th anniversary celebration.

This website went online May 24, 2004.   Bookmark us and keep looking back for things we'll be adding.  Thanks for stopping by.

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